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What is Agritourism?


Character and diversity

Every tourist farm is different and is the product of a history in which the place and its local traditions, the agricultural and livestock production, the buildings, the landscape and the climate, but especially the family that is usually also the owner, contribute to the hospitality on offer.
Agritourism means a stay in the country, either in rooms, apartments or complete housing units made available to guests; country dining with simple ingredients and cooking which can sometimes also be highly refined; and a wide variety of outdoor activities (walking, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, fishing, sports or simply sunbathing). Many farms strive to offer a complete range of services and activities, while others specialize, offering only accommodation, say, or just the opportunity to eat at the farm. Thus foreign tourists will not find different names for different activity sectors, as sometimes happens in other countries: in Italy all tourist activities that take place on a real farm are called agritourism.
The services offered by a growing group of farms tend to lean toward the world of well-being, while others give much attention to families and children, often combining tourism with educational activities.
Other farms instead base their philosophy on attention to the environment and the preservation of local history and culture. Some farms become actual museums that feature agriculture and the countryside, while still others present themselves as authentic centres for the preservation of plant and animal biodiversity.
Today, the general trend is to offer guests a full range of services, but each farm is distinct and builds an original package of services that sets it off from the others.

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